Part 2 - Beer Breweries State, City, Brand Label P-Z

This is part 2, or P - Z of the beer breweries list. This link will take you to Part 1, US states A-O. The list is in alphabetical order by state.

State Name of Brewery Location City Years of Operation Labels, Brands of Beer
Pennsylvania Lancaster Brewing Company Lancaster, PA Formed 1840- Current Franklinfest Lager, Hop Hog, Milk Stout, Amish Four Grain, Strawberry Wheat Beer, Gold Star Pilsner, Doppel Bock, Spring Bock, Oktoberfest, Winter Warmer, Hefe Weizen, Litening Lager, Celtic Rose, Rare Rooster Rye Ale
Pennsylvania Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company Shamokin, PA 1854 (as Eagle Run Brewery)- Current F&S Beer, Fuhrmann & Sons Ale, Fuhrmann & Schmidt Beer, Fuhrmann & Schmidt Porter, F&S Ale, F&S Bock, Barker Premium Beer, F&S Half & Half, Master Premium Beer, Four Season Premium Beer, Schlichler- Brau Premium Beer, 100th Anniversary Premium Beer, Mr. Liquor Fair Deluxe Beer, Tusker Premium Beer, Delmonaco Beer, Geisler’s, Premium Beer, Millrose Beer, Rod & Gun Pennsylvania Beer, Toms River Beer, Rheinbrau Beer, F&S Malta, GEX Premium Ale, GEX Premium Beer, Old German Draft Beer, Old German Lager Beer
Pennsylvania Anthracite Beer Company, a.k.a. A. B. Company or A. B. Company Brewers Scranton, PA Founded in 1899 (as Consumers Beer Company), closed in 1937 Bohemian Beer, Brown Stout Porter, Robin Hood Ale, Wurzburger Beer
Pennsylvania Anthracite Beer Company Mount Carmel, PA Founded in 1897, became the Mt. Carmel Brewery- closed in 1951 Anthracite Bock, Anthracite Porter, Anthracite Beer, Mount Carmel Brew
Pennsylvania Iron City Brewing Company Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Formed in 1899, (formerly Pittsburgh Brewing Company) Iron City, Iron City Beer, Iron City Light, Augustiner, Augustiner Dark, American, American Light, American Ice, Old German, Brigade, Brigade Light
Pennsylvania Lion Brewery, Inc. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1943-1974. Founded in 1909 (a.k.a. Gibbons Brewery) Lionshead, Bartel’s Pure Beer, Gibbons Lager Beer, Lion Liebotschaner Cream, Black Sheep Light Lager, Erin’s Rock Stout & Amber Lager, 1857 Premium Lager, Sting Ray, Malta Corona
Pennsylvania Straub Brewery Inc St. Marys, Pennsylvania Founded in 1872- Current Straub Beer, Straub All Grain Beer, Straub Light Beer
Pennsylvania D. G. Yuengling & Son (also traded as David G. Yuengling, DG Yuengling, DG Yuengling & Sons, Yuengling S Son, Inc, DG Yuengling & Son, Inc) Pottsville, Pennsylvania Established in 1829- Current Yuengling Special, Yuengling Por-tor Beverage, Yuengling Juvo, Yuengling’s Near Beer, Winner Beer, Alo Near Beer, Olde Oxford Cream Ale, Lord Chesterfield Ale, Yuengling’s Ale, Yuengling’s Porter, Yuengling’s Beer, Yuengling’s Bock, Prize Beer, Old German Beer
Pennsylvania Barbey's, Inc. Reading, Pennsylvania Founded in 1859 (as Barbey & Peltzer), closed in 1970 (also went by Barbey & Peltzer, Peter Barbey, Peter Barbey & Son, P. Barbey & Son, Barbey’s Inc, Sunshine Brewing Co, Bavarian Brewing Co, Esslinger, Inc, Falcon Brewing Co, Harfield-McCoy Brewing Co, Jamaica Brewing Co, Muhlheim Brewing Co, Playmate Brewing Co, Ruppert Brewing Co) Sunshine Ale, Sunshine Bock, Sunshine Porter, Sunshine Beer, Franklin Beer
Pennsylvania Bartels Brewing Company Edwardsville, Pennsylvania 1898–1968 Bartel’s Beer, 5000 Pure Beer
Pennsylvania John F. Betz & Sons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1775 (as the Robert Hare & J. Warren Peter Brewery), closed in 1939 Betz India Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Betz Porter, Betz Bock, Betz Pilsener Beer, Five Star Ale, Old Stock Lager Beer, Old German Beer
Pennsylvania Bushkill Products Company Easton, Pennsylvania Founded in 1848 (as Xavier Veile), closed in 1941 Bushkill Beer, Bushkill Lager Beer
Pennsylvania Chester Brewery Chester, Pennsylvania Founded in 1888 (as Franz X. Haser), closed in 1953 Chester Beer, Chester Ale, Chester Pilsner, Chester Bock
Pennsylvania Christian Schmidt Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1859- (Founded as Robert Coutrennay Brewery) the Christian Schmidt & Sons Brewing Company was sold in 1987 to G. Heileman Brewing Company of La Crosse, Wisconsin Schmidt’s EEEasy Beer, Schmidt’s Light, Schmidt’s, Schmidt’s Ortilieb’s, Schmidt’s Christian, Schmidt’s Knick, Schmidt’s Bock Beer, Christian Schmidt’s Classic, Schmidt’s Tiger Head, Schmidt’s Oktoberfest, Schmidt’s Coqui Malt Liquor, Schmidt’s Bavarian, Twentieth Century Ale, Valley Forge Beer, Bavarian Light Beer, Schmidt’s Select Premium Pilsener
Pennsylvania Class & Nachod Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1853 as Ferdinand Steinbach, closed in 1941 Pilsner Beer, Black Eagle, Black Eagle Pilsner
Pennsylvania Columbia Brewing Company Shenandoah, PA (1894–1968), a.k.a. the Muhlheim Brewing Company Columbia Ale, Columbia Bock, Columbia Porter, Columbia Beer, Gem Beer, Ger-Brau Beer, Ger- Brau Bock Beer, Creamsbred Beer, BBB Beer, Senator’s Club Beer, Whitman & Lord Beer, Old Monterey Inn Beer
Pennsylvania Cooper Brewing Company, a.k.a. Liebert & Obert Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1873–1948 Namar, Namar Premium Beer
Pennsylvania Dauefer Lieberman Brewing Company Allentown, Pennsylvania Founded in 1869 as Henry Koenig & Company, closed in 1938 Dauefer’s Beer
Pennsylvania Deppen Brewing Company Reading, Pennsylvania Founded in 1828 (as Peter Nagel), closed in 1937 Deppen’s Ale, Deppen’s Beer, Deppen Porter, Queen Quality Porter, Queen Quality Beer, Bob Ale, Bob Beer, Ramona Ale, Ramona Beer, Buzz Beer, Edinburgh Ale
Pennsylvania DuBois Brewing Company DuBois, Pennsylvania 1897–1973 DuBois Bock, Burgundy Brau, Cloud Nine, Export Pilsner, Mark & Greg’s NPL, Wurzburger, DuBois Porter, DuBois Budweiser
Pennsylvania Duquesne Brewing Company Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1899–1972 Duke Beer
Pennsylvania Eagle Brewery, Eagle Brewing Company Catasauqua, Pennsylvania Founded in 1867 as Eagle Brewery, Schaefer & Kostenbader, closed in 1964. This became the Yuengling company Old Dutch Beer
Pennsylvania Elk Brewing Company Kittanning, Pennsylvania Founded in 1895 as the Elk Run Brewing Company, closed in 1937 Elk Ale, Red Top Beer
Pennsylvania Esslinger's, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1879 as George Esslinger, closed 1964 Esslinger’s Bock, Esslinger’s Beer, Esslinger’s Premium Ale, Esslinger’s Deluxe, Esslinger’s Little Man Ale, Esslinger’s Premium Beer
Pennsylvania Otto Erlanger Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1870 as Anton Stroebele, closed in 1951 Erlanger Premium Beer
Pennsylvania Fernwood Brewing Company Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 1934–1941 Wolf’s, Golden Age Beer
Pennsylvania Fort Pitt Brewing Company Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania 1906–1957 Golden Eagle Beer, Lucky Dew Beer, Fort Pitt German Beer, Pitt Special Beer, Fort Pitt Ale, Fort Pitt Bock, Fort Pitt Beer, Brown October Ale, Steinhaus Beer, Fort Pitt Half & Half, Fort Pitt Porter, Old Shay Ale, Old Shay Beer, Old Shay Porter, Fort Pitt Premium Beer
Pennsylvania Frackville Brewing Company Frackville, PA founded in 1934, bought out by Chas. D. Kaier Company in 1936 Mountain Top Beer, Mountain Top Porter, Frackville Beer
Pennsylvania Freeland Brewing Company Freeland, PA 1900- 1920, prohibition, reopened 1933 (as traded as: New Freeland Brewing Corp, Freeland Brewing Co, Kehoe- Tilinski Brewing Corp), closed in 1942 Freeland Ale, Freeland Bock, Freeland Beer, Freeland Porter
Pennsylvania William Gretz Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1861 as Albert Schwartz, closed in 1960 Gretz Beer
Pennsylvania Robert H. Graupner's Brewery Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Founded in 1875 as Koenig & Brother, closed 1951 Graupners Old German Beer, Graupners Beer, Silver Stock Lager
Pennsylvania Gruenewald Brewery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1934 as the Peerless Brewing Company, run by Esslinger's Inc. from 1937–1947 Gruenewald Beer
Pennsylvania John Hohenadel Brewery Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1875–1953, a.k.a. Falls Brewery 1875-1935 Hohenadel Beer, Hohenadel Light Beer
Pennsylvania Horlacher Brewing Allentown, Pennsylvania Founded in 1897 as the Allentown Brewing Company, became the Horlacher Brewing Company in 1902, closed in 1978 Horlacher Premium Beer, Horlacher Bock Beer, Horlacher II Brew, Horlacher Draft Beer, Horlacher Perfection Beer, Horlacher Duke Beer, Horlacher Coburger Extra Dry Beer, Horlacher Hofbrau, Horlacher Class A Beer, Horlacher Beer
Pennsylvania Jacob Hornung Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founded in 1885 as Jacob Hornung, Tioga Brewery, closed in 1953 Hornung Cream Ale, Hornung’s Pilsner Beer
Pennsylvania Howell & King Company Brewery (also known as E Howell & AD King Union Brewery, George Bishop, EB Long, Howell & King Co, Howell & King Inc) Pittston, Pennsylvania 1866- 1939 Howell & King Ale, Howell & King Beer, Perfection Ale, Perfection Bock, Perfection Porter, Perfection Beer, Joyce’s Perfection Ale, Joyce’s Perfection Beer
Pennsylvania Innsbrau Brewing Company Shamokin, Pennsylvania Closed in 1974 Innsbrau LF Lager
Pennsylvania Jones Brewing Company Smithton, Pennsylvania 1907 (founded as the Eureka Brewing Company, operated as the Puraqua Products & Ice Co. under Prohibition, resumed brewing in 1933 as Jones Brewing Co., closed in 2001. "Stoney's" Beer, Stoney’s Light
Pennsylvania Charles D. Kaier Company, Shamokin & Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania founded in 1861, sold to the Ortlieb Brewing Company in 1966. Dublin Porter, Kaier’s Half & Half, Kaier’s Bock, Kaier’s Special Ale, Kaier’s Special Porter, Kaier’s Special Beer, Old Diamond Porter, Old Diamond Ale
Pennsylvania Kuebler Brewing Company Easton, Pennsylvania 1850- 1953 Kuebler Cream Ale, Kuebler Beer
Pennsylvania Latrobe Brewing Company Latrobe, Pennsylvania 1893, closed in 2006. Rolling Rock now brewed by Anheuser-Bush in Newark, New Jersey. Rolling Rock, Rolling Rock Light, Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale, Rolling Rock Premium Beer, Rolling Rock Light Premium Beer, Bohemian Pilsner, Loyalhanna Pennsylvania Lager, Rock Green Light Lager, Rolling Rock Bock
Pennsylvania Lebanon Valley Brewing Company Lebanon, Pennsylvania 1883, closed in 1959 Old German Beer, Lebanon valley pilsner beer
Pennsylvania Mauch Chunk Brewing Company. Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe)
Founded in 1875 (as the Glanz & Kuelber Brewery), closed in 1941 Frey’s Bock, Frey’s Porter, Frey’s Beer
Pennsylvania Mount Carbon Brewery Pottsville, Pennsylvania Founded in 1845 (as George Lauer), closed in 1976 Mount Carbon Ale, Mount Carbon Beer, Mount Carbon Half & Half, Double Pilsner Beer, Mount Carbon Bock, Mount Carbon October Beer, MC Ale, MC Bock, MC Porter, MC Beer, Franklin Ale, Mount Carbon Porter, Bavarian Type Beer, Old German Beer, Old Bohemian Beer, Dix Club Beer, Old Dutch Beer, Franklin Beer, Lord Salisbury Ale, Old Fashioned Beer, Club Society Beer, Bavarian Type Bock
Pennsylvania Mt. Carmel Brewery Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania Founded in 1897 as the Anthracite Brewing Company, closed in 1951 Anthracite Bock, Anthracite Porter, Anthracite Beer, Metzger’s Porter, Metzger’s Beer, Mount Carmel Ale, Mount Carmel Beer, Mount Carmel Porter, Black Diamond Ale, Black Diamond Beer, Aimes
Pennsylvania Louis F. Neuweiler & Sons, a.k.a. Neuweiler Brewing Corporation Easton, Pennsylvania 1875 (founded as Benedict Nuding, Germania Brewery), closed in 1968 Neuweiler Light Lager, Neuweiler Cream Ale
Pennsylvania Northampton Brewery Corporation Northampton, Pennsylvania 1858–1950 Old Fashioned Beer, Tru Blu White Seal Pilsener
Pennsylvania Old Reading Brewery (also went by Reading Brewing Co, The Old Reading Brewery, Inc, Dutch Country Brewing Co, Reading Brewing Co, The Reading Brewing Co, Bergheim Brewing Co, Mein Brewing Co) Reading, Pennsylvania Founded in 1886 (as the Reading Brewing Company), closed in 1976 Old Reading Bock, Old Reading Beer, Old Reading Ale, Old Reading Porter, Old Reading Half & Half, Bru-Joy Ale, Bru-Joy Bock, Bru- Joy Porter, Bru- Joy Beer, Bru-Joy Half & Half, Berkshire Ale, Pale Reserve Beer, Class A Bock, Class A Half & Half, Class A Beer, Yorktown Beer, Manheim Beer, Prizer Beer, Munter Brau Beer, Mardi Gras Malt Liquor, Bialy Orzel Beer, Bergheim Beer, Reading Ale, Reading Beer, Yorktown Beer, Bergheim Beer, Pale Reserve Beer, Prizer Beer, Reading Ale, Reading Beer, Reading Bock Beer
Pennsylvania Henry F. Ortlieb Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1859 (founded as Louis Schweizer, acquired by C. Schmidt and Sons) -1981 Coqui 900, Ortlieb’s, Ortlieb’s Lager, Ortlieb’s Malta LaEstrella
Pennsylvania Pilsener Brewing Company Hazleton, Pennsylvania 1905–19543 Hazle Ale, Hazleton Pilsener Beer, Hazleton Porter, Hazleton Bock, Pilsener Porter, Pilsen Heim Beer, Hazleton Bock
Pennsylvania Pittston Brewing Corporation Pittston, Pennsylvania Founded in 1873 (as Peter Daily), closed in 1948 Glennon’s Ale, Glennon’s Bock, Glennon’s Beer, Old Mule Ale, Dutch Maid Beer
Pennsylvania Poth Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1864 (as the Jacob Bentz Brewery), closed in 1936 Poth’s Beer, Poth’s Special Pilsner Beer, Poth’s Ale
Pennsylvania Adam Scheidt Brewing Company Norristown, Pennsylvania 1866- 1975, (as C. Schmidt & Sons) Valley Forge, Valley Forge Bock, Ram’s Head Ale, Prior Beer
Pennsylvania Schiller Brewing Company. C. Schmidt & Sons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1859 (founded as Marin Schurr), -1943 Schiller Beer
Pennsylvania Seitz Brewing Company Easton, Pennsylvania 1821 (founded as Seitz & Goundie), closed in 1938 Seitz Beer, Seitz Light Beer, Supreme Stag, Supreme Puppies, Supreme Beer
Pennsylvania South Bethlehem Brewing Company, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1901–1954 Supreme, Supreme light beer
Pennsylvania Sprenger Brewing Company Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1873 (founded as Phillip Frank), closed in 1951 Sprenger High Grade Beer, Old Munchner Beer, Sprenger Red Rose Beer
Pennsylvania Standard Brewing Company Scranton, Pennsylvania 1904–1954, (founded as Patrick F. Cusick) Easter Brew, Crystal Ale, Standard Bock, Standard Ale, Standard Beer, Tru Age Beer, Standard Porter, Cardinal Beer, Jackson Beer, Casey’s Beer, Golden Brau Beer
Pennsylvania Star Ale Brewery Scranton, Pennsylvania 1860-??, founded as Postens and Heller Star Ale, Star Porter
Pennsylvania Stegmaier Brewing Company Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania opened in 1857 as the Baer & Stegmaier Brewery, closed in October, 1974 Stegmaier’s Porter, Stegmaier’s Ale, Stegmaier’s Bock, Gold Medal Beer, Stegmaier’s Beer, Tucher Beer, Little Steg Beer, Leibotschaner Beer, Liebotschaner Bock
Pennsylvania Stroudsburg Brewing Company Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 1899–1937, (a.k.a. Neustadtl Brewery Corporation 1933 – 1935) Gesundheidr Beer, Stroud Cream Ale, Stroud Export Beer
Pennsylvania Sunbury Brewing Company (also known as Joseph Bacher, Cold Spring Brewery, Melvin G Faringer Sunbury Brewery) Sunbury, Pennsylvania Founded in 1865 (as Joseph Bacher), closed in 1937 Sunbury Bock, Sunbury Porter, Sunbury Beer, Hoot Mon Ale, Old Bavarian Beer
Pennsylvania Tube City Brewing Company McKeesport, Pennsylvania 1903–1955 Tube City Premium Beer, Tube City Cream of Beers, Tube City Pilsner, Tube City Cio Pilsner Beer
Pennsylvania Viking Brewery Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 1901 (founded as Catasauqua Brewery, Kirsh & Rice), closed in 1935 Viking Beer, Thule Export Beer
Pennsylvania Wacker Brewing Company Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1859 (founded as Elizabeth Sprenger, Eagle Brewery), closed in 1956 Wacker Little Dutch Lager
Pennsylvania Weisbrod & Hess Brewing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1882 (founded as the Oriental Brewery), closed in 1938 Weisbrod & Hess Lager Beer
Pennsylvania Widman Brewing Company Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1880 (founded as Benz & Fenner), closed in 1938 Widman Bohemian Beer, Old Fashioned Widman’s
Pennsylvania Flock Brewery Williamsport, Pennsylvania Founded in 1850 by Henry Jacob Flock, closed in 1951
Pennsylvania St. Mary's Beverage Company St. Mary's, Pennsylvania 1900–1940 (a.k.a. Elk County Brewing Company and Elk Brewing Company 1909 – 1920)
Pennsylvania South Fork Brewing Company South Fork, Pennsylvania 1907–1940
Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



Utah Lucky Lager Brewing Co Salt Lake City, Utah 1957-1967 Lucky Lager


Washington Olympia Brewing Company (founded as Capitol Brewing Co) Tumwater, WA 1902-2003 Gold Light, Olympia, Olympia Gold
Washington Apex Brewing Company Seattle, Washington 1934-1938 Apex Beer, Rheinlander, Rheinlander Extra Pale Ale, Apex Ale
Washington Rheinlander Brewery, Inc Seattle, Washington 1938-1939 Rhinelander Export, Rhinelander Original Lager, Rhinelander Light
Washington United Union Breweries Tacoma & Walla Walla, Washington 1943-1945 Old Empire Beer, Old Empire Bock, My-Te-Fine Beer, UBC Beer
Washington Mutual Brewing Company Ellensburg, Washington 1942-1944 Hartz, Deluxe
Washington Northwest Brewing Company Tacoma, Washington 1931-1937 Marinoff Beer, Gambrinus Beer, Cascade Beer, Northwest Lager
Washington Pioneer Brewing Company Walla Walla, Washington 1945-1951 Brewer’s Best Pilsener Beer
Washington Lucky Lager Brewing Co Vancouver, Washington 1950-1985 Lucky Lager
Washington Interstate Brewery Company Vancouver, Washington 1939- 1950 Hop Gold, Hop Gold Ale, Hop Gold Lager, Ye Old English Ale, and Silver Springs
Washington Star Brewery Company Vancouver, Washington 1933-1939 Hop Gold, Hop Gold Ale, Hop Gold Lager, Ye Old English Ale, and Silver Springs
Washington Ranier Seattle, Washington 1883-Current Ranier Ice, Maltus, Primordial Brew, Verticus, Stubbus, Flippus, Three Toed Ponykoggus, Delicious Squidicus, Delicious Subaluminus, Ranier Mountain, Ranier Light, Ranier Ale, Ranier Draft Ice, Mountain Fresh, Emeral City Ale
Washington Hemrich Brewing Companies Seattle, Washington 1933-1940
Washington Columbia Breweries, Inc Tacoma, Washington 1933-1953
Washington Elmer E. Hemrich’s Brewery, Inc. Tacoma, Washington 1935- 1940
Washington Century Brewery Association, Inc. Seattle, Washington 1933-1935
Washington Sick’s Century Brewery (previously the Horluck Brewery) Seattle, Washington 1933- 1957
Washington Silver Springs Brewing Co Port Orchard & Tacoma, Washington 1934-1967
Washington Pioneer Brewing Company Walla Walla, Washington 1944-1951 Bock, Special Brew, Kloster Brau Beer, Pioneer Beer
Washington Heidelberg Brewing Company Tacoma, Washington 1953-1979
Washington United Union Brewery Walla Walla, Washington 1937-1945
Washington Pilsener Brewing Company of Alaska Seattle, Washington 1935-1940
Washington Pilsener Brewing Company of Idaho Falls Seattle, Washington 1935-1937
West Virginia

Wisconsin Schlitz Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1849- Current Schlitz
Wisconsin Miller Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1855- Current MGD, Gentleman Lager Beer, Miller Chill, Dakota Wheat, Miller Clipper, Miller Sharps, Miller Reserve Velvet, MGD Light, Miller, Miller Light, Icehouse, Southpaw, Miller High Life, Miller High Life Light, Miller Magnum Malt, Miller Lite True Pilsner Beer, Red Dog, Northstone Amber, Miller Red White & Blue, Miller Olde English 800, Miller Lite Ice
Wisconsin Fox Head Waukesha, Wisconsin 1891-1962 Fox Head Beer, Fox Head 400, Spring Beer, Sparkling Malt Liquor
Wisconsin Potosi Potosi, Wisconsin 1852- Current Potosi Beer, Cave Ale, Good Old Potosi, Garten Brau, Augsburger, Holiday


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